PICADAY – Jan 26th 2017

Jan 26th 2017 – Cuppa Tea!

Today had been dreadful!! I woke up through the night having bad dreams about Jad (the kind of dream you wake up and think actually happened and you want to stab yer man) 😂 and after being told to whesht, I couldn’t get back to sleep! Teaching wasn’t too bad today, but spend 85% of my day stopping children from bickering with one another 😲 let’s just all be pals. After work I had to complete loads of paperwork, which knackered my brain (happy it’s all out the way though) and then to top all that off, I got home and burnt the mince I was cooking! 👌🏼 Only positive thing I could do was have a cuppa! ☕️ ahh at least it’s Friday tomorrow! 🎉


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