PICADAY -Feb 13th 2017

Feb 13th 2017 – Getting my erse in gear!

After moaning and moaning about not being able to run properly, my pal Aly suggested I download the Couch25k app. I watched a bunch of youtube reviews and had a nosey at a lot of other people blogging about it and decided to give it a go! I have a really busy day tomorrow but hoping to squeeze this in and officially start the road to a solid 5k!! I even entered some races to motivate me! πŸ˜πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ


3 thoughts on “PICADAY -Feb 13th 2017

  1. mommytrainingwheels says:

    C25K is what got me running in the first place. When I was in high school, we always had a 5K race at the end of the year and I always hated it (probably because I couldn’t run for more than 3 minutes without being out of breath and just didn’t know how to train properly). The first time I did the program, I redid a couple of weeks a few times, but within 3 months was able to run my first 5K.

    Best of luck with it!

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