PICADAY – Feb 19th 2017

Feb 19th 2017 – Sleepy Sunday!

After a crazy Saturday, all I have done today is pig out and be really really lazy! I popped round to see my dad and see if his hangover was as bad as Jamie’s 😂 after that Jamie and I bought ourselves a McDonalds and some Ice Blasts! We watched the two Scottish games : Kilmarnock V Aberdeen (1-2) and Dundee V Rangers (2-1). As you can imagine I wasn’t too happy with the Rangers score and spent a good part of the day moaning at the team and Graeme Murty’s ridoculous head roll stunt! Haha anyway … I then had a big long shower and ‘pampered’ myself with a little facemask to help my skin get ready for another bush week!!

A couple of weeks ago I was moaning at how bad my skin was getting (I was never spotty as a teenager and now they seem the pop up everywhere)! It could be down to stress levels with the wedding coming up but it was really starting to get me down! Anyway, most people were telling me to STOP using spot/facewash products as these could apparently be making the problem worse 😳 I started using regular soap (Dove) on my face twice a day and have noticed a huge difference already! I will write about this in a separate post in the near future! 👌🏼


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