PICADAY -Feb 20th 2017

Feb 20th 2017 – Monday Motivation.

After a little break from work my motivation levels were at an all time low this morning. I just managed to scrap myself out of bed and was already looking forward to getting home! 😳 However, today was one of those teaching days that I left feeling I have achieved something! 

It was great to see my wee class again and hear all about their holidays – it made me realise how much I do miss them when I am off! Then I had to bore them all with Maths Assessments but I was very proud of their results and hoping they keep up the high scores! In the afternoon we were learning about the Trojan War (our topic is Ancient Greece) and was able to include a bit of drama. The children loved acting out the battles and pretending to be members of the Trojan and Greek army. And lastly, today was the start of my after school Netball Club! It was a blast and all the children enjoyed taking part. 

Hoping the rest of my week is as good as today. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Š


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