PICADAY – Feb 22nd 2017

Feb 22nd 2017 – Jad’s Kilt Fitting.

I had a dreadful day at work today 😩 lessons were all a disaster and the amount of paperwork started to pile on top of me! However, Jamie was off work today (lucky bugger) and was able to go see his kilt and try it on. He took his mum and brother with him and for today he was like a wee bride on her “dress showing” day haha! 

It was sooooo hard getting out of bed when he was still snuggled up in bed, half of me thought he looked cute but the other half completely hated him for having a day off when I had to leave for a busy day haha! He enjoyed his fitting and was able to go out for lunch 😊 he is awwwwfi braw in his wee kilt but I’ll save his photo until after the wedding. πŸ’œ 

** This photo was not today sorry haha – this is a wee throwback to my pal Aly’s wedding where I was the bridesmaid and oor Jad was just being braw ha! **


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