The Sleep Out!

The Big Sleep Out.

It’s Saturday and Jamie needed to go to work 😩 therefore I have sit in bed and watched Disney films all day. Literally moved about 4 times the full day haha! Anyway, this little beauty came through the post last night and I am desperate to show it off!

At the beginning of Novemeber Jamie and I decided to The Big Sleep Out to raise money for a number of homeless charities. The event was held at Ibrox stadium and for one night only we had to sleep ‘rough’ outside on the pitch. It was a freezing night and very windy, I think I got a full 2 hours sleep on and off. Although this was only one nigh and in an establishment where I could get a heat and/or the toilet whenever I needed it, the experience really put the life of the homeless into perspective! The event ran for three nights and altogether we raised over £67000. This money kept homeless shelters open for the winter months and will do a lot to get more people off the streets. It was a wonderful experience and one I will never forgot!!

Heres some other pictures from our Big Sleep Out:

Jamie and I in our sleeping bags at Ibrox Stadium

Us underneath the Rangers sign 👍🏼

Me trying to make myself cosy!

Before venturing outside, we did a Big Quiz, which we won ofcourse!

This event will happen again next year, alongside lots of other fun events! Raising money for the homeless was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and makes you humble with what you have in life – be happy, be thankful! 💙


6 thoughts on “The Sleep Out!

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