Happy Birthday Jad!

聽Massive Happy Birthday to my bestest pal Jamie! I have literally been the worst聽partner ever this year and haven't even got him a card! 馃槱 it's two days until the wedding and haven't had a second. I feel so bad and will 100% back it up to him very soon. 馃挏馃槏馃挏馃槏馃挏 I think he had … Continue reading Happy Birthday Jad!


Progress Pictures 13/3/17

Lots of people, bloggers, PTs and exercise experts have encouraged a lot of people to take 'progress pictures' rather than focusing on the scales! I always fancied this idea as I see a lot of transformation pictures over social media and the people always look amazing! Even the smallest improvements can be spotted on the … Continue reading Progress Pictures 13/3/17