PICADAY – Mar 1st 2017

Mar 1st 2017 – Fitbaa!

I still can’t understand how the past two months have flown past us so quickly, but we are now into March and officially the busiest month of my life! 😩 Anyway, today was an alright wee day. Work was swell and I managed to meet my buddy Claire afterworks to get an Opalex treatment in my hair! It felt so good afterwards and I am already excited for my next one on the 16th.

After I got home, I needed to wrap up warm to head to Glasgow for the football. First home game I have been to in a while and I wad hoping for a good result. Rangers are in a lot of drama just now and it has reflected on their performances on the pitch. The game was horrible, defence were a joke and Kiernan was sent off in the second half! Although we scraped a 3-2 win, I still wasn’t overly pleased with the game. Especially when I was out in the freezing cold! Got straight into bed when I got home and konked out! ☺️


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