PICADAY – Mar 7th 2017

Mar 7th 2017 – Feast!

I have been incredibly busy the past two day that I haven’t made it to the gym 😩 I will defo be back tomorrow!!! Just to throw all healthiness out of the window oor Jad and I stuffed our face on a Domino’s! 🍕 

As I said, my days have been jammed packed so far this week – Monday was filled with afterschool clubs, meetings withh parents and then my lovely Mum’s birthday; and today I have been busy with work, staff meetings and then the Bridesmaid’s final fitting! 👗 They are all ready for the big day and just need steamed out. It was good seeing Aly and my baby sister since Saturday. After I got back home I dragged Jamie shopping as we had almost NO FOOD in the house at all, and then we became big fatties! ALSO … I had developed an obsession with Portrait Artist of the Year!! I love watching people paint and deep down it makes me regret not pursing my art interests further a few years back! 

** A few people have asked me about the Jad / Jamie in my posts haha – they are the same person!! Jamie is ofcourse his real name and Jad is his nickname (it’s his initials Jamie Alexander Dunn JAD) 😂😂 **


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