PICADAY – Mar 8th 2017

Mar 8th 2017 – Productive Hump Day!

Can we just take a moment to see how strange my name looks? Haha, this is my upcoming report cards for all my class and as you can see they go out in May – by which time I wont be Miss Smith anymore! Honestly feels so strange typing out my name this way! 😂👍🏼 

Anyway…. today was very productive! Morning Assembly allowed me to send off my presentation for my upcoming Interview on Monday, heres hoping it all goes to plan. Afterwards, I had my Tracking meeting discussing the progress for my wee class and as hoped, it went very well and I left feeling organised and ready to blast some reports. After the final bell rang I was able to complete my full todo list, create a new one and make a start on these reports! I’m going to chunk them up into little parts to make my life easier ha! 

I had felt very guilty about missing out the gym the past two days due to wedding prep and overall busy-ness but today I forced myself to. The place was so busy so I wasn’t able to get on a lot of machines 😩 I did however complete another C25k and maintain the weight increase on my leg press. 

I’m now home, fed and washed 😁 snuggled up watching the Champions League! ⚽️


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