Saw this floating about so thought I’d join in. I have to share my first post – not that it was very long ago, and I get to share som of my favourite blogs. 👍🏼
My first post was on Jan 15th this year (my niece’s birthday) and it basically introduced people to my new blog. I have kept it up and I’m so happy I did. Anyway, here it is:


I remember catching up that night with my PICADAY posts haha.

I also get to tag a few of my favourite bloggers! Please give these a wee nosey as they keep me entertained on a daily basis:

Aly’s Away Running – this is my best friend, bridesmaid and PT at times haha. Defo follow her if you are a keen runner!

Mommy Training Wheels – I love this blog! Sophie is a mum of three and posts daily about her kids, workouts or creative creations! 

Sarcassay – another of my best friends. Cassay is a brilliant writer who has writted many articles for uni magazines. She is hilarious and definately worth a nosey!

Have fun guys! 💜👍🏼


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