PICADAY – Mar 9th 2017

Mar 9th 2017 – Sunny Day!

Finally the sunshine was back from Sunday and it made me 100 times happier! My walk to school was good (even though I realised half way that ai forgot my breakfast) and my wee day went in really fast! After school I blasted some more report card comments and then walked straight to the gym! 

When I got there I jumped straight on the treadmill and complete Week2Day3 of C25k which made me feel brilliant – I even increased the speed on my running sections as I feel I’m getting bettet at controlling my breathing. My shins on the other hand are in tatters! 😩 I get to the third round and already my shins are sore from Shinsplints. My runner friend told me to run through the pain but stretch and foamroll afterwards – if any of you have any tips for shin pain please comment?!

As I said the other day, I want some arms haha! So I decided to do a little arm workout routine: bicep curls, upright rows, tricep kickbacks, overhead shoulder press, and bent over reverse fly! I did 10 reps of each three times, but with a very low weight (2kg on each hand) just to get myself in the swing of the moves. Hoping to build up my upper body strength soon!


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