PICADAY – Mar 13th 2017

Mar 13th 2017 – Shattered!

Today was one of the busiest days of my life and I am ansolutely knackered now!! 

The morning wasn’t too bad, children were all working away and the school day was pretty enjoyable! After lunch time I left work and headed for my interview! I went in feeling confident, I memorised all my notes and I thought I would do well. However, during the interview my nerves must of kicked in and my mouth literally ran away hahaha! I was talking at an incredible pace and honestly feel like I missed out loads of essential information. No point in worrying about it now though, it’s not going to change anything! πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚

My boss let me away from work and cancelled my after school club just incase the interview ran late which allowed me to pick up wee Rhian from the nursery. πŸ’œ I took her home, had a good old bitch and moan with my sister and mum and then decided to get rid of all the negative thoughts at the gym! Started with my C25k run (stupidly I pressed a run I have already completed) and then spent some time doing my arms! The picture above is a cool wee feature I found on my fitbit app – now I know my pace is terrible and right now but this is following the walk/jog method with the C25k app. I’m hoping to improve my pace very soon, if only these stupid shinsplits left me alone 😩😩.

Eventually I got home, made my dinner and prepared my lunches for the week and now I’m currently relaxing, watchinf the United game and desperate for my bed! Hope you all had a good Monday! 😁


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