Progress Pictures 13/3/17

Lots of people, bloggers, PTs and exercise experts have encouraged a lot of people to take ‘progress pictures’ rather than focusing on the scales! I always fancied this idea as I see a lot of transformation pictures over social media and the people always look amazing! Even the smallest improvements can be spotted on the pictures and it’s great to see the differences.

Last year Jamie decided to do Insanity and I encouraged (forced more like ha) him to have some progress pictures taken. Jamie has a slim frame similar to mine, but after looking back at the photos when he had completed the programme, it was clear to see how his body and muscles had changed! 😍😊 

Anyway, today I finally decided to take a few photos concentrating on my abs, legs, glutes and my tough spot arms! These photos are more for me to keep track of how my body changes! 

Baby Arm 😩 – 13/3/17

Tummy and Thighs – 13/3/17

Side View – 13/3/17


From these photos I am already happy with my thigh progress but can see I need to do more glute work. πŸ‘ I am so disappointed with my lack of arms haha, I have zero strength and really need to find ways of building that up! I will try to keep up with my progress picture Monthly or whenever I’m feeling particularly proud/confident! Fingers crossed for some good photos in April although I highly doubt it with the wedding, honeymoon and Easter all crammed together! 


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