PICADAY – Mar 14th 2017

Mar 14th 2017 – Baby Luke!

Work today flew in!! We started our Solo Talk Assessments in class and the children are loving sharing their hobbies with the class. Afterwards we had a big staff meeting talking about our Dyslexia training and other staff business. The meeting ran on for over two hours which meant I couldn’t get to the gym. I was actually quite gutted about this that lets me know I’ve caught the fitness bug! 

I was able to go visit Jamie’s Auntie Myra (she has made my flowers for the wedding) after work as she has finished off my bouquets! They were lovely and I’m happy with them. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ™‚ 

On Saturday my friends Kenny and Hayley finally gave birth to their beautiful little boy Luke, and today Jamie and I were able to go visit them! He is honestly stunning and so tiny! I was desperate for a wee cuddle and was so happy to hold him! Jad was scared at first but was able to hold him for a little space of time. 

I cannot wait for another little cuddle! 


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