PICADAY – Mar 16th 2017

Mar 16th 2017 – Olaplex!

Today was another jampacked day! I am absoluted shattered!!! Work went well and I now only have my literacy and numeracy comments to complete on my report cards – I did however wash (washing machine) my pen drive with them all on it so keep your fingers crossed it lives tomorrow!! After work I speed up to Irvine to see my buddy Claire. 🤣 She was able to give me another Olaplex treatment! I am loving how soft my hair is the now, and hopefully it continues to get stronger and healthier! 

I raced home and my Humanist – George Smith – for the wedding was over at ours. We finalised plans for the Big Day and shared the Jamie and Amanda story! It was really embarassing talking about how we got together and our lives together, but I know our ceremony will be so personal! George askes us to get back to him in the next week to tell him 3 Reasons we love one another, and I’m actually stumped haha! I do love Jamie and there are lots of reasons why, but picking three that are appropriate or ‘big’ enough to share on the wedding is a struggle! Also, I’m dreading to hear what wee Jad says about me ha! 

We are now cuddled up, watching the football (well Jamie is watching videos about Saturn 😂) and getting excited for the weekend! Jamie isn’t well and was sent home from work so he’s feeling sorry for himself hahaha! 


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