PICADAY – Mar 22nd 2017

Mar 22nd 2017 – Happy birthday Aly!

Start of with a new wee message to my bestest friend Aly! 😊 This is her first birthday as a Conquer and married woman! Hope she has the best day and I cannot wait to see her wee face soon. Love ye hen! 💜😘


On another note – today had been one of those days I literally could of rolled up into a ball and cried all night. Most of you will understand by now I am a very positive person and it takes a lot  to upset me or even anger me to the extent it’s visable to other people. I’m not going to go into too much detail as this is generally a happy place haha – but I was severely disappointed by the council in which I work in and have made me worry about my future position in the council workforce! Tears and anger out of the way now though, no point in getting too worked up over things I cannot personally control!

Will end of another positive to outweight the negativity ha! Tonight (with my puffy eyes from earlier) Jamie and I went to The Waterside to have our final meeting about our wedding. We confirmed all day events and the lovely coordinators set my mond at rest with all the ‘behind the scenes’ events haha! It was lovely to be in the venue again and made it all real again for us! Tomorrow Jamie and I will be packing and getting him all ready for his away stag – blood pressure is already rising hahaha! 

No negativity tomorrow, I promise! 🙂


2 thoughts on “PICADAY – Mar 22nd 2017

  1. mommytrainingwheels says:

    No need to worry about posting about some less-than-happy moments on your blog. Sometimes, just writing it out helps. I’m sorry to hear about the uncertainty of your place in the council for next year. I truly hope everything will work out for you.

    The wedding’s getting super close! It must have been wonderful to be at the venue again dreaming of the big day.

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