PICADAY – Mar 23rd 2017

Mar 23rd 2017 – Red Nose Day!

We celebrated Comic Relief (Red Nose Day) today at our school – it’s actually tomorrow but our Easter Service is tomorrow and we didn’t want a bunch of hyper children with red noses singing about Spring. 😂 Anyway, today we all dressed in red and more importantly our own casual clothes!! You honestly feel 100% happier and relaxed when wearing some casual clobber at work! The children all know about my tattoos but for the first time some of them spotted them at the bottom of my jeans 😂 they were so excited! 

My work buddies made me feel better about the disaster of a day from yesterday and luckily I have now calmed down about it all – hopefully it all works out in the end!

Onto more important, or scary matters! Jamie is currently packing for his Away Stag in Prague! 🙄 I do want him and the 15 other lads to have the best time over there, I just hope and pray he comes back home in one piece haha! Also, I’m dreading saying alone for three nights 😩 but at least the house will be tidy and I can catch up on my programmes and todolist! 😊👍🏼


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