PICADAY – Mar 29th 2017

Mar 29th 2017 – Work Wedding Celebrations!

I am so excited and surprised! Ofcourse this is my last week in work before getting hitched, but there is also another lady getting married the day before me!! And our headteacher has just had a baby boy last week! So we have a lot to celebrate in the workplace.

It was a normal wee day until lunch time, then I walked into the staff room and the table was filled with Domino’s Pizza and sides 😊😍 I nearly died and went to heaven! Haha we all stuffed our faces and met the new babg Joe! My work buddies even decorated the room for us:

I was so happy and it really made me excited for the wedding. After we were all fed, Nicola, Sean and I were presented with some lovely gifts and cards! I kept the card to open at home, because I would probably cry hahaha! The messages were lovely and I feel truely blessed! Best Hump Day in a while! 🙂👍🏼

** Happy Birthday to oor Caroline, who played a big part in my wee surprise today! Love ye hen! 😊💜


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