PICADAY – Apr 1st 2017

Apr 1st 2017 – ONE MORE DAY!

Holy jack-a-moley! I am getting married tomorrow! I cannot quite believe it! Jamie and I woke up and decided that we couldn’t miss the football and decided to run about and get all the wedding stuff done and out of the way! We headed into town and got the last of our sweets for the Sweetie Cart and then picked up our cake! It is massive and looks amazing! We then did the rest of the stuff on the todo list and eventually made it to Ibrox.

The game was rubbish haha. Ended 1-1 and not a lot of players were on too form. However, our seat buddies all wished up good luck for tomorrow! When we eventually got home we packed up and said our goodbyes. I naturally burst into tears and headed over to my wee mums! My mum, dad and I had a great wee night in front of the tele, and they even surprised me with a wee gift. My old Nightie Dress that I wore when I was little (and then passed down to Kirsti and even Rhian) had a cutting out of it, and was made into  garter for tomorrow! The tears were pouring out of my face! 😊😊😊

Now I am in bed and hoping for a good sleep before tomorrow! I will blog as soon as I can but tomorrow is pretty much out of order haha. Wish me luck guys! 💜💜💜


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