PICADAY – Mar 31st 2017

Mar 31st 2017 – Holidy Time!

Another jampacked filled day! Firstly it is Jad’s birthday so I woke him up with a big cuddle 🙂 I’m being a rubbish bird with no presents because we are skint from the wedding, but I will defo make it up to him! 

Instead of heading to work, I travelled to a different school for another interview. This one went very well and I left feeling good about myself. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the job but at least the lady said my interview was good and I feel like I am moving in the correct direction! 😊 I got back to work and my lovely pals Hazel and Caroline had decorated my classroom! Banners and balloons were all over and it made me little emotional! The kids loved it too and were hyper because of it haha! I had a lovely last day with all my lovely pupils and gave them all a big Easter egg each for the holidays! The rest of the staff then surprised my with letting my go home an hour earlier 🙂 best work buddies in the world!!

This gave me plenty of time to travel to Greenock to collect my Table Plan – I absolutely love it and cannot wait to show it off at the wedding, it’s honestly stunning! Then after the long drive home, I picked up my mum, sister and little Rhian to get pampered! We each got our nails and toes done and had a spray tan each! I love my nails, they are simply yet sparkly! My tan however … I felt so sticky and yucky for ages and eventually managed to go for a shower to wipe it down. But I am legit ORANGE! 😂😂😂 will need another wee shower to tone it down before Sunday haha!


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