PICADAY – Apr 5th 2017

Apr 5th 2017 – Getting Tanned!

First full day in Tenerife and it is scorching. We got up early and had our breakfast 😘 we then decided to get a taxi into Las Americans to have a nosey. It was much busier than Los Cristianos and it had a lot of good restaurants. We decided to head into Hard Rock Cafe! Jad bought the Rocking Wings which were really spicy haha! I settled with some Mac n Cheese!

After we were finished with Las Americans we went back to the hotel to spend some time in the pool and sunloungers! I was so warm and settled that I fell asleep! Jad had to wake me up and ofcourse my shoulders are all burnt now haha! Ahh well, the rest of my body is tanned. 

Rangers were playing Kilmarnock tonight  so we found the local Rangers bar to watch the game. The game ended 0-0 and was a pretty dull game, but it was good to see lots of other fans!


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