PICADAY – Apr 6th 2017

Apr 6th 2017 – Siam Park.

Yasss! It’s Waterpark Day. Jamie woke me up and made me get ready for Siam Park – we are very lucky to have a Free Bus to the park right next to the hotel. We climbed aboard and went on top of the bus! I kept getting hurt by palm tree branches hahaha.

Anyway, we eventually got to the park and bought our VIP All Inclusive wristbands – this gave us fast track on rides and free food and drink in the park! We headed straight to the restaurant and stuffed our faces with hotdogs, burgers and chips! 😍 we then walked up to small rapids – my favourite rides!! It did take forever but I loved lounging about bobbing about in the water 😊 we then wanted to tackle the big rides. We did The Dragon, The Volcano, and all four Snake rides (Viper, Boa, Python and Cobra) and I loved them all! Having the fast track made a huge difference to our day and saved us waiting about in queues. We then fancied more food because we are big fatties on holiday haha.

Afterwards we went on all the other rides (apart from the Tower of Power). It really was a brilliant day and I reccommend you all to go in you are ever in Tenerife! Now we are back at the hotel about to shower and looking forward to going out for some dinner tonight! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌ


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