PICADAY – Apr 11th 2017

Apr 11th 2017 – Home Time!

What a longggg day! We had a little lie in, had a big Full Scottish breakfast and waited for our transfer bus to pick us up. We were waiting for ages because of an accident on the road, but it still gave us enough time to get our flight home! 

Eventually we were on the plane and ready to travel the 4and a half hour journey, as I said in my going to Tenerife post, we hate long flights and luckily we downloaded the film Sully to watch. It was a great film, defo reccommend it – just maybe not when you are already on a plane haha!

We landed and were finally home, greeted by the rain I may add 😩😩😩 we got home, unpacked and finally ordered a big Dominos pizza!!! I also decided to start that 13 Reasons Why. programme and although we were shattered we watxhed four episodes. I’m buzzing to finish it this week!


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