PICADAY – Apr 13th 2017

Apr 13th 2017 – Liverpool!

What a lonnnnng day!!

We got up and ready and left Kilmarnock around 11:30am to start the 4hour journey to Liverpool. Luckily Jad doesn’t mind driving haha!

Eventually we made it to our hotel and quickly freshened ourselves up and started the route to The Beatles Story. As most of you know, Jamie and I are massive Beatles fans and being able to go see their museum was amazing. I will share details and photos in a separate post later today! šŸ˜

After our wonderful tour at The Beatles Story we had a walk around the Albert Dock and then bought some dinner! I had my old faithful Spaghetti Bolognese while Jad ventured out ans had a big steak! The food was brilliant! Then we walked around the city centre and went for a few drinks. The town was heaving as it is Bank Holiday weekend and apparently the Darts were taking place in Liverpool too! We even up in a Yates pub where an Open Mic Night was being held. Luckily there was a few good performers on the stage and we were able to listen to a bunch of good live music!

First day in Liverpool was brilliant and I can already say I definately want to come back to this city! šŸ’œ


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