PICADAY – Apr 14th 2017

Apr 14th 2017 – Rain!!!

Weather wise today has been terrible! Jad and I are literally soaked to the bone! But it has been an amazing day!!

We planned to wake up early to go on our Merseyside Ferry but after a night out yesterday we decided staying in bed a few more hours was more important haha! When we did eventually get up we booked a taxi to the popular football stadium Anfield – home to Liverpool Football Club! As most of you know we are big Rangers fans, however when it comes to English football Jamie and I differ in taste! I am a big Manchester United fan and Jamie (who doesn’t really support any English team) takes an interest in Liverpool – just to annoy me I think hahaha! As you can guess I will speak all about the stadium in another post, but the ground was really good!!

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel to freshen up and have a wee snack, and then we had to walk to the Albert Dock again. The rain was battering down, by the time we stepped out the hotel we were soaked right through haha! We plodded along in the rain and arrived at the Merseyside Ferry! I was going to create a separate post for this outing but it was sooooo rainy and grey we barely saw a thing! I learned a lot about thw city though and you will all be happy to know I wasn’t sick on the ferry haha – my new acquired seasickness but only apply on smaller, bobbing about boats hahah! 

We got off the boat and walked back into town centre. By this time we were starving and fancied a Nandos! We got one in the new Liverpool One shopping area – the place is massive! Again, we went to a wee pub and then, later on headed back to the hotel! We cuddled up, packed and then finished 13 Reasons Why. 

I absolutely loved the show! It really makes the issues of suicide, sexual assult and bullying clear and it doesn’t bubblewrap the importance!! I found myself incredible emotional while watching it and think it was one of the best programmes in a long time!

Anyway, back to the city! We realised on our last night that there was still loads of the city we hadn’t seen and were really interested in. I really want to return to the city and explore it more! 💙👍🏼


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