PICADAY – Apr 17th 2017

Apr 17th 2017 – Last Day Off!

As you can see from my picture I’m a little rough soul. Not so hungover as I didn’t drink much and I was sick last night haha, but more tired than anything! I am soooo sleepy! Following on from the daft behaviour last night, oor Jad has broken his toe haha! Pair of daftys!

As today is our last day of the holiday we have spent most of the day doing nothing! Hahaha, we did walk to get the car, get a bar lunch, visited my mum, dad and Rhian, and cleaned up the house – but since that we have just lay about watching television! And moaning about going back to work tomorrow haha!

I suppose it’ll be good to have a routine again, and ofcourse hear all the children’s Easter holiday stories! πŸ™‚


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