PICADAY – Apr 20th 2017

Apr 20th 2017 – Almost There!

Thursday is over and the weekend is in our sights! 😂 I’m being completely dramatic but I honestly cannot wait for the week to be over. School has been so bitty with trips for two days and show practise constantly! It’s a really busy time at school just now and official teaching is set aside haha! I walked with my Primary4s to the other school again for their trip and did another hand washing session! When we eventually got back I had time out which let me catch up on all my proofreading and finish off all my report editting! Finally!!

I walked to my mums after work and saw the gang. Rhian was being a wee diva 😳 it was still great seeing them all! I then went a big walk up to Howard Park to hand over the music for our Wedding Video. I cannot wait to see it all finished! My night ended with watching the Glasgow Cup and the Man Utd game before getting cuddles up in my bed! 😍

** My mum sent me this photo today and I love it! It is of Jamie and I the morning after our wedding! I love how normal and happy we seem in the picture! It really does make me miss the day soooo much! 


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