PICADAY – Apr 21st 2017

Apr 20th 2017 – Frinally!

It is finally Friday! This was only a four day week and I am absolutely scunnered! What a week to come back to work and normality. The wedding honestly seems ages away and I miss it so much! I miss spending relaxing time with oor Jad to be honest 😩

Anyway, my day went well. Was the first day I had my class all to myself the full week and it was good to be with them! After work I went to Rhian’s nursery to pick her up and she was all excited to see me 💜 she also won the Golden Ticket prize (the kids get golden tickets for good behaviour, and Rhian had the most tickets) and got herself a certificate and picked a ball as her toy haha! What a wee cutie 🙂

After I saw the family, Jamie eventually got home and had some fatty food 😍 we then watched tele all night and looked forward to a long lie in the morning! 😏


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