13 Reasons … πŸ™‚

With the hype of 13 Reasons Why and the powerful message behind it, a lot of us have been left feeling very emotional! I was a crying mess with almost every episode and I’ll be honest, it really made me think about how we treat others and how everyone is facing their own personal battle. Be kind, always!!! With all the emotions flying high I thought it would be nice to think about our own lives and be thankful!

I would love for you to join in with my Positivity Challenge (either comment me with your responses, or try it out on your own blog). All you need to do is think of 13 things that make you happy, or 13 people that keep you smiling, or even 13 things you are thankful for! I will do all three to start things off. πŸ’™

13 People That Keep Me Smiling:

  1. Jamie Dunn – my lovely other half and now husband! He truely is my best friend and I fancy his face.
  2. Kirsti Smith – my beautiful little sister and closest friend. She is the craziest person I know and always manages to stick a smile on my face.
  3. Rhian Smith McGowne – my stunning niece and little twinny! She is the best part of my life and I would literally do anything for her.
  4. Debbie Smith – my wonderful mum. She is the kindest and funniest woman I know and is the glue to our amazing family.
  5. Ian Smith – my big and brilliant dad! He looked after us our full life and still would do anything to help us all out.
  6. Aly Conquer – my best pal and go-to person. We are completely different and balance each other out!
  7. Cassay Baillie – my smart, braw and sarcastic friend. We have been close for years and will always offload on each other forever!
  8. Rachelle Muir – one of my funniest pals who is always the life of the party!
  9. The Bellfield Boys – there are around 12 of them so I had to group them together. These boys mean the world to me and I would do just about anything for them!
  10. My Work Buddies – I am very close to my work pals and they keep me sane every day!
  11. Jordan Boyd – my daft nephew who I love to pieces. He is a complete dundernut haha, but I enjoy our wee chats and heart to hearts.
  12. Justine Lennon – my teacher besto and close buddy! We chat on a daily basis just to make our days that little bit better!
  13. My Pupils – both past and present. They make my job worthwhile and give me so much motivation in life!

13 Reasons I am Thankful:

  1. I have a wonderful husband Jamie, who also happens to be my best friend.
  2. I have the most beautiful niece Rhian who is learning more and more everyday and becoming her own little person.
  3. I have an amazing family who are always there for me and support me throughout my life.
  4. I basically have my dream job!
  5. I get to meet new people constantly and work with amazing people who I learn from every day.
  6. I have a little house with Jamie which we have made our own.
  7. I get to spend all day with a bunch of lovely children who are hilarious.
  8. I recently had a big wedding full of my friends and family, which made me realise how much love I have around me.
  9. I have the same group of friends that I had through school – The Bellfield Boys.
  10. I have the best girl pals on the planet, all completely different but equally excellent.
  11. I live within walking distance from my mum, Jad’s mum and our two sisters; I love living close to my family.
  12. I have a clean bill of health and nobody really close to me is suffering anything really bad ; here’s hoping that stays the same for a very long time!
  13. I am able to live whatever life I choose to live, I have a great support system and know I can spend the rest of my life exactly the way I want to!

13 Things That Make Me Happy:

  1. Waking up and the sunshine is out.
  2. Long drives in the car with Jamie while listening to Oasis and The Beatles.
  3. Cups of tea with bacon sandwiches.
  4. Spending time with my wonderful family.
  5. When Rangers win a game and the crowd are buzzing.
  6. Hearing my class share their news on a Monday morning.
  7. Football days in the Howard with my pals.
  8. Mine and Jamie’s daft chat when watching the tele and our obsession with Game Shows.
  9. Disney films!!!
  10. Daily To Do Lists and ticking things off.
  11. Cleaning up the house and completely relaxing.
  12. Coming out the gym feeling proud of my workout.
  13. Crawling into clean bedding and cuddling up with Jamie and my Oscar teddy!

I honestly feel so much better after thinking about some of the things that make me happy and feel positive! Something to look back on during a down day! Please give it a go (comments or on your own page).


3 thoughts on “13 Reasons … πŸ™‚

  1. mommytrainingwheels says:

    What a wonderful list! I’ve been waging an internal battle since I saw 13 Reasons Why appear on Netflix. A part of me knows that it will be poignant and thought-provoking and wants to watch it and another knows it’s going to make me cry and just doesn’t think I can handle it. This, though: a list of people, things and reasons that make me thankful, this is something I can do.

    Liked by 1 person

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