PICADAY – Apr 24th 2017

Apr 24th 2017 – Monday Blues!

Ahhhhh!! I am so tired, and bored and totally overwhelmed with rubbish! I think the real issue is being bored 😂 I am easily bored and I feel like I have nothing to do! Before the holidays I was rushing about with wedding stuff and now, I have nothing to organise and I feel a bit lost! I am however, very motivated to get back to the gym and all the things I really want to do, I can’t, because I am at work all day! 😩 Pretty sure I will have a massive ToDo List very soon, so I should probably shut up and enjoy the free time haha!

Today was a strange day! I was meant to have an interview at an old school today. I travelled there only to find out I was given the wrong date for the interview! I wasn’t a happy bunny, but there’s really nothing I can do about it now! I plodded back to work and enjoyed the time with my class doing symmetry! After work I headed home and finished up my housework and got the house all cosy for Jad coming home! 😍 

Above was my food prep from last night! I made a salad lunch for each day with 40g of pasta, 100g of chicken/turkey/ham and lots of veg to beef it up! It was amazing and I am already looking forward to eat another tub tomorrow! 😍👍🏼


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