PICADAY – May 1st 2017

May 1st 2017 – Bank Holiday Monday!

I love a wee Monday off my work! Especially when Jamie is off too! Last night was a great night (minus the drink spilling all over me gads) and we had a big lie in this morning. It was a task to get Jamie out of bed but we seized the day the minute he did! 

As most of you know I’m doing a marathon in may challenge so I needed to make sure I got some walking in today and luckily Jamie decided to join me! We walked up into town to get some lunch and back home. We also went to visit my mum and dad who were sharing more money saving tips haha!

When we eventually got home I prepared all our lunches for the week and we cosied up and watching Corrie and the Snooker final ha! I have had a belter of a weekend – apart from the old firm result – and already I am dreading going back to my work tomorrow! 😩😩 19 working days until I get another bank holiday Monday!


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