PICADAY – May 2nd 2017

May 2nd 2017 – Bellfield Berds!

What a belter of a day! 😬☀️

First of all happy one full month married to me and wee Jad! Haha, cannot believe it has been a full month already! Anyway, work went well today and I managed to get a lot of Dyslexia Friendly activities fitted in for our Dyslexia Friendly Week! 🌟 And the sun was shining so I tried to get outside as much as I could!

Because it was so sunny, my Bellfield Berds Hazel and Caroline and I decided to go a long walk! We trekked from Troon to Irvine and back and I honestly feel amazing from it! My legs might be a bit sore tomorrow but it was defo worth it! 🏃🏼‍♀️ I got home and brought Jamie in a wee chippy – you cannot go to the beach without a chippy haha.



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