PICADAY – May 10th 2017

May 10th 2017 – Jad’s Away!

I basically skipped out of work today. Haha, I just want to be home or out of work all the time now haha! Anyway, I got home and Jamie is away to Leeds for another work break – honestly cannot wait for her to be back tomorrow!! I tidied up and completed all my Thank You cards from the wedding! 😍 I am gonna go a big walk tomorrow and Friday to give them all out! πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

After cleaning and making dinner I decided to put up some of our Wedding canvases. My got this huge McCoo canvas – honestly, it’s massive hahaha! And I put up out r lovely First Dance poster. I have just heard it crashing down actually hahaha so Jamie will need to fix it tomorrow!

Now I’m in my bed catching up on some tele and looking forward to my Thursday!


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