PICADAY – May 11th 2017

May 11th 2017 – Time with Rhian!

I bloody well love this lassie! 💜 

Worked was not too bad today, still counted down the minutes until the final bell though haha! I stayed behind for a wee while just to finish all my work and then headed home to deliver some of our Thank You cards. It was good to go out another big walk! 🙂 

I went and picked up my sister and Rhian and then dropped Rhian off at my mum and dad’s house. I stuck around for a bit because she wanted to play outside! I took her round the Big Circle for the first time on her wee bike and she loved it! I was so proud of her but feart because she is getting so big now!!

When I eventually got home, Jad had returned from Leeds and had passed all his assessments! 🙂👍🏼 well done pal!!


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