PICADAY – May 13th 2017

May 13th 2017 – The Rain is Back!

Ahhh! The rain is back and it’s brought my mood from yesterday down another 10 notches! We woke up early and went to the football. I was ofcourse soaked the full game and no doubt have developed a chill haha! We got home and Jad decided to go out with the boys for Kenny’s Head Wetting – so I was left being a big sad soaking mess!

Ofcourse, I decided to go out anothet big walk 6.5 miles to be exact 😍 and as the rain stopped it turned out to be a nice night! I’m just about to jump in a big shower and watching Eurovision. Hope Jamie has a good wee night out and hoping for a good wee day tomorrow. Happy weekend folks!


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