PICADAY – May 14th 2017

May 14th 2017 – The Conquers!

In a bid to get a smile on my face Jamie and I went to visit our pals Aly and Martin! Aly was my lovely bridesmaid and is my best pal so it was good to give them a wee visit! And ofcourse we had this big furball Murphy to cuddle into. πŸ’œ We brought our Wedding Video for them to watch and after giving it a wee break I realised I loved it, and wish we could do the day all over again!

Before we headed out to The Conquer’s we said goodbye to our Rhian as she is away to DisneyLand Paris tomorrow, and gave her some spends to take with her! After we got back from The Conquer’s we ate some fatty food (my first takeaway from the week I may add) and I gutted out some cupboards/drawers. It was good to see some of the old things I had and look through some memorises but also good to get rid of ‘junk’ that had been taking up space for years! I’m hoping to get rid of our drawers in the sare room and put in a wee bed for whenever Rhian wants to stay over! After that, we are buying no more furniture until we eventually get a new house!! 😁🏠 that way we can get all new stuff when we can afford to move!

Hoping all your weekends were good, and I’m hoping for a more positive week with lots of exercise and better times! 😊


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