PICADAY – May 28th 2017

May 28th 2017 – Dumfries House.

Today was a great wee day! Jamie and I lounged about in bed for ages and watched rubbish tele haha. My favourite is Obese: A Year to Save My Life. I just love watching people change their life around through fitness. 

Anyway, when we eventually got up and ready we headed round to pick up our pals Calum and Ashleigh 🙂 together we went a walk around the Dumfries House Estate! We had some lunch (which I hated 😩) and then went to see the beautiful building! The place was busy with families and it was a really nice day!

Afterwards, Jamie and I went to visit my parents and had a good laugh with them! 😁 After we got home, we ate some fatty food and watched Eight Days A Week; a film all about The Beatles. It was an early birthday present from Jad 😍 it was a great film and made me love The Beatles even more!!


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