PICADAY – May 29th 2017

May 29th 2017 – Lazy Sunday!

I have been so lazy today. Saying that, I woke up at 6am and just couldn’t get back to sleep. I decided to be productive and sort out my Blog Accounts and finally have new Twitter and Instagram accounts specifically for this blog 😊 hoping to get some more followers and get more traffic. I also managed to clean out the house, do some washing and recycle old clothes and game consoles! I eventually crawled back to bed and wake Jamie up with some grub!! 

Since then, we sat around, we visited my mum, made a lego version of a Bride and Groom (little wedding gift) and we spoke to Arnold Clark about getting our new car! 😊🚘

I also planned out a full trip around four cities in Europe, but Jad is trying to keep my sensible head on and trying to keep me saving hahaha! Need to keep thinking about our future house to resist booking up more holidays!!


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