PICADAY – May 30th 2017

May 30th 2017 – Ma Heed!

My head is banging! Like constantly paniful!!!! A few years ago the doctor gave me medication for my migranes but it made all my hair fall out so now I am simply suffering haha! 😩 No joke though, my head is sore or throbbing all the time and my neck always feels tense! Maybe another little trip to the doctors in store!

I was tired when I woke up and stoated over to my work and left Jad in bed for his own wee day off! 😩 my day flew in though, we had the show dress rehersal this morning and a big chunk of time out in the afternoon. After work, I went home to see Jad, visited my mum and then went to thw car garage to talk about getting a new car. When I got home my head was so sore then I needed to perk myself up – I bought a new face mask product today (Garnier 3in1 Charcoal Anti-Blackhead) and I loved it! It exploiated my face and felt so smooth afterwards!!!


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