PICADAY – Jun 5th 2017

Jun 5th 2017 – Boring Day!

Today was a pretty boring day, work was filled with children’s assessments and marking. I did a food shop, preped my meals and went a wee walk – not much to it at all! I did however visit my mum and dad, which was the highlight of my day! They were away on holiday to Dunoon and was telling me all their stories! It’s good having them back! 🙂👍🏼 Jad was also working really late so I had nothing else to do other than clean and watch Big Brother!

As today was a dull day, I took a picture from my Timehop haha! This was my half leg sleeve a full year ago haha! All the top half is outlined now and waiting to be coloured! 💜👍🏼


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