Spice Things Up!

I’m hoping to add little features or ‘series’ to my blog on a weekly basis! I had a few ideas but very happy to suggestions or different ideas!

  • Motivation Monday : share motivational or inspirational quotes, people, etc…
  • Tips Tuesday : sharing different tips of different aspects of life; losing weight, saving money etc…
  • Workout Wednesday : this is where I will talk about my weekly workouts and what I plan for the upcoming week!
  • Throwback Thursday : exactly what it says in the title ha, using my Timehop I will have a look back at past Amanda for that week
  • Follow Friday : slight a bit unsure of this … but thinking I could introduce a fellow blogger that I like and encourage you to give them a little nosey ???

Not too sure how it will all pan out, but please tell me if you like these ideas or if they will be rubbish hahaha! Please also share any other suggestions…

PICADAY and other Adventures will still take place 🙂👍🏼


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