PICADAY – Jun 7th 2017

Jun 7th 2017 – Rhian is all better!!

The wee monster is all better! I was able to pick her up from nursery and she ran and jumped on me and was only asking after her Uncle Jad 😂😂 I took her back to my mum’s house and spent a wee bit of time with them before Rhian went away with her dad 🙂 

I went to leave for home but then the Nursing Home called my mum and said that my Papa hadn’t came back yet 🙁 we were all worried for a moment but soon realised his brother and sister in law’s car had broken down haha! So we went to collect him and took him back Home. 

Afterwards I got home and spent the night catching up on Big Brother and chatting to oor Jad! 💜


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