PICADAY – Jun 8th 2017

Jun 8th 2017 – New School.

Today was the General Election so our school was closed for voting. It was meant to be an In-Service Day for my school to prepare for next year which was pointless for me .. so luckily I got in contact with the school I am joining after summer! 🙂

I had the chance to go into the school and have a quick look around the building. I also managed to a few of the other staff members and spent the full day in with the children I will be teaching next year. It was good for me to see them and better prepare for next year 😊 means I can get all their name tags and things sorted too! Really looking forward to starting in the school after summer!

I was shattered after my work, so quickly collected Rhian (her nursery is in the school I am moving to) and dropped her off, then I got Jad and we voted! We also spent the evening with our pals Jordan and Natalie talking rubbish haha! Was a good laugh but 🙂 but as I said – I was shattered! So I got home, forced myself to shower and then crawled into my bed! Thank the high heavens it is Friday tomorrow!! 🎊🎉

The picture was created yesterday when Jad and I were chatting about our music taste! 😍💙


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