13 Reasons … πŸ™‚

Reblogging this as I believe you need to remind yourself of the good things and people in your life! πŸ’œ

Adventures with Amanda

With the hype of 13 Reasons Why and the powerful message behind it, a lot of us have been left feeling very emotional! I was a crying mess with almost every episode and I’ll be honest, it really made me think about how we treat others and how everyone is facing their own personal battle. Be kind, always!!!With all the emotions flying high I thought it would be nice to think about our own lives and be thankful!

I would love for you to join in with my Positivity Challenge (either comment me with your responses, or try it out on your own blog). All you need to do is think of 13 things that make you happy, or 13 people that keep you smiling, or even13 things you are thankful for! I will do all three to start things off. πŸ’™

13 People That Keep Me Smiling:

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