Wedding Challenge – Day 22

30 Day Wedding Challenge. Day 22 - Cheers / Speeches Decided to dedicate the Cheers special to the speeches as that’s when most of our “cheers” happened!  The speeches started with my wonderful Dad! He made a lovely speech about Jamie and I and made most people in the room cry! He truely is my … Continue reading Wedding Challenge – Day 22


Wedding Challenge – Day 19

30 Day Wedding Challenge. Day 19 - The Rings. Jamie and I picked our wedding rings together and bought them from Chisolm Hunter. I wanted something simple to math my engagement ring. And Jamie wanted a strong metal to allow him to work without it getting wrecked. We eventually decided on these two beauties and … Continue reading Wedding Challenge – Day 19

Wedding Challenge – Day 17

30 Day Wedding Challenge Day 17 - The Flowers The flowers were one of the biggest bargains of the whole wedding. We were very lucky to have Jamie’s wonderful Auntie Myra!! She has her own business creating balloons and bouquets for parties and weddings! She kindly offered to make our flowers as part of our … Continue reading Wedding Challenge – Day 17