Spice Things Up!

I'm hoping to add little features or 'series' to my blog on a weekly basis! I had a few ideas but very happy to suggestions or different ideas! Motivation Monday : share motivational or inspirational quotes, people, etc... Tips Tuesday : sharing different tips of different aspects of life; losing weight, saving money etc... Workout … Continue reading Spice Things Up!

Needing Advice.

Hello fellow bloggers. 🙂 As you can tell I have stuck by my blog for the full year and already I am excited to get more serious with it. Currently I am on the free WordPress.com plan, but I'm hoping to upgrade.  Basically I wanted to hear from you guys to see what you do … Continue reading Needing Advice.

My Wee Maw!

Another one of these little quizzes that get sent to me regularly! This time it's all ablut how well I know my wee mammie!! Hoping I got most right because she will let me know haha!! 1. She is sitting in front of the TV what is she watching? Any crime drama! She has honestly … Continue reading My Wee Maw!